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Innvotek Pharmaceuticals is one of the most recognized pharmaceutical company in Pakistan that manufactures markets and distributes branded and generics pharmaceutical products. Since its incorporation, Innvotek strategy has been focused on creating a strong pharmaceutical industry that provides quality medicines to its patients and the communities in which it serves. Our vision of becoming a Company with international Standards drives our long and sustainable business and is essential in the way we determine our approach. We invest patiently in our assets while exercising a long term strategy, we improve the quality and the value of our assets and we enhance productivity by partnering with professional management teams, skillful labor and high end technology in order to help us reach our full potential. Once we commit to a strategic objective, we stick with it across all levels and functions in order to deliver on our promise. Every day, all day, The Innvotek Pharmaceuticals’ team work incessantly to keep the trust of our customers. For us, this means not only delivering our promises but also exceeding expectations. The Innvotek Pharmaceuticals’ narrative is about commitment, expertise and excellence. It begins with trust and speaks to sustainability. Maintaining the trust of our partners and stackholders is one of the guiding principles of our company and strive for it. We are creating a sustainable future for healthcare and charting a course to better health. Everyone at The Innvotek Pharmaceuticals is cooperative, energetic and fun to work with. We all love what we do and it shows in the strong long term relationship we have built with our principals , customers and employes. As CEO, I feel very proud of the established association we live today with our professional, efficient & energetic members. Thank you for the time you have taken to visit us here at the The Innvotek Pharmaceuticals’ website.

Sheikh Basit Jamil