Vision & Mission


Mission is to extend and improve the lives of patients by developing and commercializing innovation and quality product. To distinctively and competitively meet the ever-changing demand in the healthcare with a unique portfolio of quality medicines at well designed prices to serve the welfare of community. Building on our scientific, technical and commercial experiences to keep providing products and services with an added value to patients, consumers, healthcare professionals and stock holders.


INNVOTEK’s vision as the leading pharmaceutical company, is to offer high quality pharmaceuticals for the treatment of disease, while striving to effectively contribute to the Community and to the Economy. It is our primary objective to be recognised and respected as a company that conducts business by implementing the highest of ethical standards that will meet and far-exceed the relevant regulatory requirements. We strive for our company to be an exciting, stimulating, challenging workplace, one where people can work in an environment that inspires and encourages their professional ambitions, their self-development, and where cutting-edge technology will be available for the fulfillment of all scientific endeavors.