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Quality Policy

Quality Policy of INNVOTEK Pharmaceutical is to fulfill the needs of its customers, by producing and selling pharmaceutical products which are in conformity with international legislation demands.
The Company is greatly committed to customer satisfaction, and focuses on consistently providing:

  • Products that enhance customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements
  • Products that are safe and appropriate for their use

The operational guideline of INNVOTEK Pharmaceuticals is to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a Quality System, including processes for continuous improvement, and the assurance of conformity to the customer by means of the requisite regulatory requirements implemented at all levels (quality, service, communication with customers). In order to achieve this goal, all the activities of the Company should be properly designed and controlled.

Top Management recognizes the need for the development and implementation of a Quality System and the requirement for continuously improving its effectiveness. This system should be in conformity with ISO 14001:2004, and also with the applicable regulatory requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, Good Storage, and Distribution Practices.

In order to achieve these objectives which will result in a superior quality product, the Company must be vigilant of customers’ needs, must keep up with the current international market developments of pharmaceutical products. Also, keeping track of the current Regulatory requirements is of paramount importance.

The established Quality Objectives are as follows:

  • No recalled batches.
  • No rejected batches
  • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Production storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products according to the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Storage and distribution of Pharmaceutical products according to the applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Minimization of the percentage of ”non-conformities” during production and Quality Control of Pharmaceutical products.
    Minimization of customer complaints and improvement of customer services.
  • Increased productivity.

The Quality Objectives are measurable through Quality Factors which are consistent with Quality Policy. Top Management must appoint a member of the Organization that, irrespective of other responsibilities, is responsible and authorized to :

  • Ensure that processes required for the Quality Management System are established, implemented, and maintained.
  • Report to Top Management on the performance of the Quality System and any needs required for further improvement of the processes
  • Ensure the promotion of awareness of customer and regulatory requirements through the Company.

The framework of this Quality Policy has three main keystones:

  • Implementation and maintenance of an effective Quality Management System
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement